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Turkish Airstrikes Killed Dozens of Syrian Fighters

At least 36 fighters from Syrian government forces have died on Saturday in the bombing of Turkish aviation against the Kurdish enclave of Afrin, in northwest Syria, as reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Meanwhile, Kurdish sources report 16 Turkish military and allied militants killed in the fighting with the Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) on at least three fronts also in Afrin.

The Observatory, an independent organization based in London but with a large network of informants inside Syria, has reported that it is the third time in 48 hours that Turkish aviation has attacked pro-government forces in Afrin since these forces entered. last week in this region to support the Kurdish-Syrian militias in defense against the Turkish incursion.

In particular, the Observatory mentions a bombing of a military camp in Kafr Jina. The FDS has confirmed a Turkish bombardment on positions of the “popular forces” Syrian initiated at 5.00 (4.00, Spanish peninsular time) and lasted until 10.00, but has not given data neither of the places nor of the victims.

Meanwhile, Kurdish sources report 16 Turkish military and Syrian militia allies killed in the battles registered in at least three fronts of this enclave controlled by the militias of the SDS, of which the Popular Protection Units (YPG), considered by Turkey a terrorist organization.

The FDS has reported intense Turkish bombings, Xirabe Shera and Baflone since early morning and intense fighting in the districts of Jindirs, Shera and Rajo. In addition, there are five civilians killed and several more injured in the town of Meshala, in the Shera district, according to the pro-Kurd news agency ANF.

One month after the Turkish offensive on Afrin, the advance of the Turkish Armed Forces and its allies of the rebel Free Syrian Army (SLA) has been slower than expected. However, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan was confident on Tuesday of the Turkish victory and after calling terrorist Syrian pro-government forces said that “in the coming days will begin to besiege the city of Afrin.” For this, 1,200 members of the Turkish Police and Gendarmerie Special Forces have been dispatched to the border.

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