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Congo Top Court Declares Tshisekedi as Presidential Election Winner

Felix Tshisekedi will be the new president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This has been confirmed this Sunday by the highest judicial authority in the country, the Constitutional Court, which proclaimed the official results.

The nine judges of the Constitutional Court had the final word on figures, the percentage of 38.5% of votes for Tshisekedi, questioned by the largest mission of electoral observers in the country, CENCO, and by the African Union, which had requested that the official announcement of the results would be suspended.

But there will be neither revision nor recount. The Constitutional Court has confirmed the data provided by the Electoral Commission and its decision has been to sanction the victory of Tshisekedi after dismissing the resources presented by Martin Fauylu, the candidate who, according to other sources, would be the real winner of the elections.

“I am the only legitimate president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” Fayulu reacted. “Therefore, I ask the Congolese people not to recognize any individual who illegitimately presumes to be, and who does not obey his orders,” he added. Fayulu has called on the Congolese to organize peaceful demonstrations throughout the territory to defend “sovereignty” and urges the international community not to recognize the new government.

Tshisekedi, 55, is already preparing for the investiture, waiting to know the reaction of the rest of the opposition and the international community. In the meantime, the Internet connection has been restored, which had been cut off for 20 days. The blackout occurred just begun the recount of votes of the elections, held on December 30.

The African Union released a statement on Thursday calling for the definitive results to be suspended, due to “serious doubts” about its “compliance”, and had planned to send a high-level delegation to Kinshasa today, led by Rwandan President Paul Kagame. But after the announcement of the Court, it annulled the mission.

The replacement of outgoing President Joseph Kabila by Tshisekedi should be the first peaceful transfer of power in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since independence. After 18 years in power, Kabila first tried to change the Constitution to stand for a third term; then, he delayed elections for two years and, finally, tried to impose his dolphin.

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