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Police Arrest Four Suspects Over Northern Ireland Car Bombing

The Police of Northern Ireland has stopped this Sunday to four suspects of the explosion yesterday of a car bomb in front of the courts of Londonderry in which nobody was wounded. The Northern Irish security forces have indicated that their main line of investigation into the alleged perpetrators of the attack is concentrated in the New IRA, a splinter of the extinct terrorist group Irish Republican Army that opposed the peace agreements of 1998 that ended more than three decades of armed violence.

The chief commissioner, Mark Hamilton, said that the attack was an “incredible recklessness” and that had caused fatalities in the event that the area, Street Bishop Street, where the headquarters of the courts is located, had been busy. The device exploded at 9:10 pm on Saturday, the Spanish peninsular time. Since then, the North Irish security forces have maintained a wide security system throughout the city.

The scant data revealed indicates that the police received a warning call ten minutes before the explosion. There was no time to undertake the complete eviction of the adjacent buildings. A pizza delivery van was abducted hours before and everything points to that was the vehicle used in the attack. ”

The British minister for Northern Ireland, Karen Bradley, has condemned the attack on Sunday and has assured that she has wanted to alter the progress towards peace in that territory. “This attempt to alter the progress in Northern Ireland has been answered, as It should be, with total condemnation on the part of all sectors of the community, “Bradley said. “This is intolerable violence and we hope to build a peaceful future for everyone in Northern Ireland,” he added.

The leader of the Northern Ireland unionists of the DUP, Arlene Foster, (who support with the Government of Theresa May) expressed Saturday night, after the explosion, his condemnation of what happened on Twitter : “This terrorist act without The only thing that causes harm to the residents of Derry, and has been perpetrated by people who have no respect for life, I thank the emergency services for their quick response, which has ensured that there is no there was neither wounded nor dead “.

Northern Ireland has once again occupied a role unwanted by its inhabitants in the political debate in the United Kingdom. The provision of the so-called backstop in the Brexit agreement reached with the EU and rejected last Tuesday by the British Parliament establishes the permanence of Northern Ireland in the customs union for an indefinite period.

The Protestant unionists have expressed their rejection of this measure because they consider the territorial integrity of the United Kingdom to be bankrupt. On the other side, the Catholics who favor the return of the territory to the Republic of Ireland reject the Brexit. Both of them were unable in recent months to form a government or to launch the territorial legislative assembly, have shown their nervousness at the possibility that the departure of the EU may again impose a “hard border” between the two Irish.

The New IRA has led sporadic attacks in recent years. Assistant Chief of Police Mark Hamilton has said he did not see the Saturday night attack as an escalation in the capabilities of the militant groups but as a continuation of a threat that has been officially at the “severe” level for 10 years.

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