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In coffers of the Nation $ 6.49 Billion Per Sale of Isagen

Brookfield Asset Management, through BRE Colombia Investments LP, deposited in dollars the sum equivalent in pesos to 6.48 billion pesos in the account held by the National Treasury in New York, on Friday, the Ministry of Finance announced in a press release. press.

The figure corresponds to that indicated in the economic offer presented in the auction held on January 13, 2016, by virtue of which they were awarded 1,570 million shares, at a price of 4,130 pesos each.

The report states that once the income of the proceeds from the payment was verified by BRE Colombia Investments LP, the Centralized Securities Depository of Colombia SA (Deceval SA), following instruction provided through the Colombian Stock Exchange, made the respective transfer of the shares in favor of BRE Colombia Investments LP through the annotation in the Isagén SAESP stockholders’ registry kept by Deceval SA

With the payment made by BRE Colombia Investments LP and the corresponding transfer of the shares, the sale process of the shareholding of the Nation in Isagén is concluded, which formally began with the issuance of Decree 1609 of 2013.

The press report highlights that without prejudice to the foregoing, the Regulation of Alienation and Adjudication of the Nation’s actions in Isagén – Second Stage contains several obligations in the head of the Adjudicatory Investor that remain in time, such as the formulation of two Public Offers. of Acquisition (OPA) in favor of all the shareholders of the company, which will be done within two months after the closing and then within the fourth and sixth month after the closing.

In accordance with the provisions of contract 2091312 of April 29, 2009, signed between the Financial Fund for Development Projects (Fonade) and the Temporary Union made up of investment banks Crédit Suisse and Interlink, the success commission caused in favor of the External Advisors under this transaction will not be paid by the Nation, but will be assumed in full by the Successful Investor BRE Colombia Investments LP, and will be paid in addition to the resources turned over to the Nation.

The foregoing, in compliance with the provisions of paragraph 8, the seventh clause of the aforementioned contract, and section 2.74 of the Regulation of Alienation and Adjudication of the Nation’s actions in Isagén Second Stage says the press report of the Ministry of Finance.

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