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“Sustainability” Trend to Drive Demand for Alkyl Polyglucoside in Personal and Home Care Industries

According to a recent study, the demand for alkyl polyglucoside surfactants is estimated to remain robust with the approximate value of the market at the end of 2018 being US$ 902 million. Further, the alkyl polyglucoside market is expected to grow at a steady CAGR of 6.3% through 2028. Sustainability coupled with superior emulsifying and foaming capabilities of alkyl polyglucosides is fueling the demand for the chemical in an assortment of end-use applications such as personal care & cosmetics and home care. Additionally, alkyl polyglucoside offer superior stability, shelf-life, and appearance as compare to their vegetable biosurfactant counterparts which are further driving the demand for the sugar-based biosurfactant in a variety of applications. Furthermore, the growth of the alkyl polyglucoside market is to be underpinned by the abundance of naturally occurring raw material.

Alkyl polyglucoside is basically derived from plant-based sugars and are biodegradable and eco-friendly. In addition to its sustainable nature of production, alkyl polyglucoside is non-toxic and exhibit exceptional skin compatibility making it an ideal surfactant for use in cosmetics. Its superior surface activity, cleaning, and wetting abilities are driving the adoption of alkyl polyglucosides in the production of detergents and shampoos.

Growing disposable income in addition to changing lifestyle and advancements in technology is causing an increase in the demand for automatic washing machines around the world. Additionally, consumers are seeking detergents, fabric softeners, and soaps that work effectively these machines. Being a non-ionic surfactant and due to its superior surface and foaming properties, alkyl polyglucoside is one of the primary components used for manufacturing detergents. Burgeoning demand for laundry detergents is estimated to fuel the growth of the alkyl polyglucosides market.

Demand for alkyl polyglucoside is estimated to rise in North America and Europe where numerous manufacturing companies continue to strive towards the production of sustainable alternatives to capitalize on the growing demand for sustainable products among consumers. East Asia is expected to emerge as the fastest growing market for alkyl polyglucosides owing to the bolstering personal care, cosmetics, construction, and oil & gas industries in the region.

Stringent government regulations pertaining to environmental safety and preservation is also expected to cause a widespread adoption of alkyl polyglucosides in an assortment of industries. In addition to this, growing consumer preference for products manufactured using sustainable raw materials and practices is estimated to bolster demand for the bio-degradable and eco-friendly surfactants. Further, the biodegradable surfactant is gaining traction as a concrete admixture and with the construction chemicals market poised to grow, demand for alkyl polyglucoside is estimated to burgeon due to the increasing infrastructure development activities around the world.

However, the introduction of alternative biodegradable surfactants in the market is estimated to deter alkyl polyglucoside market growth. Surfactants specifically derived from the glucamide plant family are increasingly being adopted in the cosmetics industry owing to their sustainability, prolific skin compatibility, and enhanced mildness. Additionally, the higher foaming and cleansing properties offered by the glucamide-based biosurfactants and their production being in line with the EU and Nordic Ecolabel standards is further promoting its adoption.

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