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Aircraft Inspection Drones Market to Witness Exponential Growth by 2018 – 2026

Aircraft Inspection Drones Market: Introduction:

A drone, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is an unmanned aircraft which are usually small in size which are remote controlled for visual assessment in landscape surveillance. In recent years, drone market has faced very drastic changes including introduction of multipurpose drones used for various commercial applications. The aerospace industry is not far from the new technological developments and started using drones in the inspections of commercial and defence aircrafts at OEM and service facilities. The traditional technology for the aircraft inspection takes more than six hours for visual inspections. However, it can be done in very short time using drones which also makes the documentation easy and improve the accuracy of inspection. It can detect the fault more efficiently and can notify the maintenance team right away. Using aircraft inspection drones can improved overall safety and lead to greatly reduced maintenance service costs.

Furthermore, there are mainly two type of technologies are available in the market for aircraft inspection drones such as, automatic and manually operated aircraft inspection drones. These drones can visually inspect aircraft for any hail, lightning strike and other damage. However, some regulations such as, EU wide safety standards for the manufacturing and operations of drones can pose a challenge to the market growth of aircraft inspection drones market.

Aircraft Inspection Drones Market: Dynamics:

Aircraft inspection is an essential part of aircraft MRO services and any error in the inspection can cause the failure of an aircraft during its operations. Aircraft inspection drones are used to identify any hail, lightning strike and other damage more easily and efficiently during the inspection and also reduce any chances of error in the inspection process. Additionally, aircraft inspection drones can reduce the inspection time by 80% to 90% which reduces the overall service time for an aircraft. These factors are expected to lay a strong base for the robust growth of aircraft inspection drones in the market during the forecast period.

Furthermore, new and developing technologies such as, machine learning, laser technologies etc. which are able to tackle any crucial job during inspection expected to have a significant growth opportunity in the global aircraft inspection drones market.

However, in 2018, the European Union has passed EU-wide safety standards for drone operations and manufacturing. These regulations include a collision avoidance system and automated landing systems in drones, as well as drone operator training requirements and national drone registry requirements for all EU member states expected to be a challenge for the growth of aircraft inspection market.

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North America is expected to be the most lucrative market for aircraft inspection drones owing to continuously growing demand for new technologies in airline industries and increasing number of MRO service providers in the region. The region is expected to register significant growth in the aircraft inspection drones market over the forecast period. Asia Pacific is anticipated to have a significant growth in aircraft inspection drones market, owing to emerging economies such as, China, India, and Japan etc. The increasing number of airports and demand of MRO services with better and efficient maintenance systems is expected to significantly increase the demand of aircraft inspection drones in the region.

Furthermore, Europe is projected to have prominent growth in the aircraft inspection drones market owing to increasing demand for time effective maintenance services in military and commercial sectors is expected to drive the market of aircraft inspection drones. Middle East & Africa and Latin America regions are expected to show promising growth in the aircraft inspection drones market over the forecast period.

Aircraft Inspection Drones Market: Market Participants:

Some of the market participants in the global aircraft inspection drones market are:

  • MRO Drone Ltd.
  • Donecle
  • Airbus S.A.S.
  • DJI
  • Blue Bear Systems Research Ltd
  • Luftronix, Inc.
  • Aircraft Inspection Drone
  • MIR Innovation
  • Airwing
  • MicroMultiCopter Aero Technology
  • Parrot
  • JYU

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