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E-Waste Management Market 2028: Growth Opportunities, Segmentation, Competitive Landscape and Regional Analysis

Strategic Partnerships to Play Pivotal Role in Boosting Opportunities for Manufacturers in E-Waste Management Market

Manufacturers in the electronics industry are working towards developing consumer electronic, electronic and electrical devices with reduced lifespan is creating increasing demand for e-waste management. Burgeoning demand for upgradation of latest technologies further dives in opportunities for manufacturers in e-waste management market. Several market participants are taking immense efforts in recycling e-waste for reducing resultant environmental and pollution hazards. For instance, Dell has taken initiative in developing electronics from plastics acquired from the recycled electronics. The E-waste management company is also selling electronics by means of closed loop recycling procedure.

  • Umicore: The leading e-waste management company has reached milestone by partnering with Audi for improving battery recycling. The companies have successfully got through the initial phase of their planned research cooperation, thereby developing closed loop for the components consisting of high-voltage batteries, which can be reused. Moreover, efforts are being made to make valuable materials available in raw materials bank, which in turn is expected to create positive growth prospects for e-waste management market.
  • Electronic Recyclers International, Inc.: The leading e-waste management company has announced about its electronics manufacturer partners catering to the EPEAT Standards, which holds as a notable success for the company. The manufacturing partners of ERI have acquired the EPEAT status of being genuine manufacturers in circular economy and sustainability. This success is expected to drag in customer attention, which brings in for lucrative growth prospects for e-waste management market in the long run.
  • Boliden AB: The leading e-waste management company has been completely focusing on expanding its production level strategies, even after witnessing substantially low metal prices. The novel crusher at Aitik functioning successfully with the high-grades at Garpenberg has supported the company in boosting profits towards a whole new level. The company is planning to make strategic sustainable developments with increasing production level, which in turn would throw light into growth of for e-waste management market in the forthcoming years.

Europe to Pose Lucrative Growth Prospects for E-Waste Management Market

WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) that includes fridges, cell-phones, computers and TV sets are considered as the highest developing streams in Europe. WEEE results in health and environmental problems as it is a combination of components and materials owing to the dangerous content. Electronic waste dictates EU to control e-waste disposal, which in turn is expected to stimulate the growth of Europe e-waste management market.

Governments across China and India have been taking immense efforts in extracting and recycling metals that hold threat for humans as well as environment. Rising number of decreased lifecycle of the electronic products such as cell-phones, laptops and computers in leading to greater amount of e-waste in North America, thereby driving the region’s market growth.

Household Appliances to Dive in Revenue Growth for E-Waste Management Market

E-waste management market is expected to witness revenue growth with rapidly increasing product innovation, particularly in the home appliances and electronics such as shift from analogue towards digital technologies, monitors and flat-screen televisions. According to UN, over 33% increase in E-waste management is likely to take place within four years’ time-span. Increasing number of collaborations between leading manufacturing companies such as Dell, HP and Cisco from Japan, China, England and global organizations such as Solving the E-waste Problem (StEP) leads to emergence of lucrative growth opportunities for e-waste management market. Rising number of disposal of refrigerator sets from the household appliances is likely to stimulate the revenue growth of e-waste management market.

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High Obsolescence Rate to Stimulate Volume Growth of E-Waste Management Market

Growing nature of electronic devices that need constant repairs or get obsolete leads to increasing generation of e-waste. Moreover, overall cost of the replacement process of electronic devices is less compared to repairing process. This in turn has resulted in growing tendency for purchasing new products, which supports in driving revenue growth of e-waste management market.

Classification of E-Waste Management Market Can Be Done By Application, By Source and By Material Type

Based on application, e-waste management market can be bifurcated into

  • Recycle
  • Disposal

Based on source, e-waste management market can be bifurcated into

  • Office Equipment
  • Cell Phone Batteries and Button Cells
  • Medical Equipment & Materials
  • IT and Telecommunication Equipment
  • Electrical & Electronic Goods
  • Domestic Appliances

Based on material type, e-waste management market can be bifurcated into

  • Rhodium
  • Selenium
  • Germanium
  • Tellurium
  • Tantalum
  • Palladium
  • Gallium
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Gold

Report offers detailed analysis of global e-waste management market for elucidating prominent investment pockets in the market. All-time trends are identified for determining comprehensive attractiveness of the global market for sketching out profitable trends that help in attaining firm foothold in e-waste management market. Qualitative description regarding recycling processes for recovering various types of materials are also focused in the report.

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E-Waste Management Market Report Outlines:

Future and current trends in E-waste management market

SWOT analysis and its impact on e-waste management market

Value chain

Market participants and their strategies and developments

Detailed regional landscape with major contributors in E-waste management market

Report forecasts revenue growth at country, regional as well as global level. Inputs form industry experts and analysis are provided in detail. Governing and macro-economic indicators offering promising growth aspects are also incorporated in the report. Detailed mapping of qualitative impact of several market aspects on the market geographies and segments are done.

Regional Landscape of E-Waste Management Market:

  • North America e-waste management market (U.S. and Canada)
  • Latin America e-waste management market (Mexico, Brazil)
  • Eastern Europe e-waste management market (Russia, Poland)
  • Western Europe e-waste management market (U.K, Italy, Spain, France and Germany)
  • APEJ (Asia Pacific Excluding Japan) e-waste management market includes (New Zealand, ASEAN, China, Australia and India)
  • Japan e-waste management market
  • Middle East and Africa e-waste management market (North Africa, GCC Countries, South Africa)

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