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Fenugreek Fiber Market : In-Depth Market Research Report 2018 – 2028

Fenugreek Fiber Market: Overview Fenugreek is a plant belonging to the Fabaceae family, consumed in culinary food due to its unique flavor in Southwest Asia, central Europe, and Africa. Fenugreek seeds contain galactomannans, a mannan type of polysaccharide which is the majority fraction of fenugreek fiber. The plants providing galactomannans are limited, mostly consists of endospermic seeds from Fabaceae family, namely guar, tara, locust bean and fenugreek seeds.

Fenugreek fiber is extracted from the fenugreek seeds powder. Fenugreek fiber rich in galactomannan is a highly viscous soluble fiber with the ratio of 1:1 galactose to mannose. Fenugreek fiber increases viscosity when dissolved in water due to its excellent hydration properties. Fenugreek fiber is very stable with long shelf life and can withstand frying, freezing, baking, and cooking. Fenugreek fiber is used to treat various health problems such as constipation, stomach upset, kidney problems, heartburn, obesity etc. Fenugreek fiber also helps to control diabetes by reducing blood glucose.

Fenugreek Fiber Market: Dynamics Hydroxyl groups of galactose and mannose of the galactomannan are responsible for the hydrogen bonding in the molecule, resulting in different solubility in different galactomannan. Galactomannan in fenugreek fiber is highly substituted. Due to this, the fenugreek fiber is highly soluble in cold water compared to other seeds fiber. This property of fenugreek fiber makes it useful as thickening, emulsifying, gelling, stabilizing, and encapsulating agent. And can be mixed with juices, seasoning, and other spice mixes.

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Due to a rich source of natural dietary fiber in fenugreek fiber has been incorporated in the modern food ingredient or functional food such as dairy products, yogurts, cereal bars, baking flour, nutritional beverages etc. The increased demand for innovative production of functional foods that exhibit nutritional factor and can be widely acceptable to consumers might contribute to the growth of the fenugreek fiber market.

Fenugreek fiber is also used as an herbal medicine for its anti-diabetic, anticancer, antimicrobial, antiparasitic, and lactation stimulant properties. Fenugreek fiber is used in dietary supplements owing to the rich content of galactomannan, which forms a gel in the stomach. This gel does not get digested but creates the feeling of fullness that can help in weight management. Due to the increased prevalence of chronic diseases caused by the sedentary lifestyle, dietary supplements are in high demand. Fenugreek fiber market might see growth in the near future, due to the nutritional abundance and health benefits offered by the fenugreek fiber.

In addition to dietary supplements and nutraceuticals, fenugreek fiber also finds usage in cosmetics industry due to the presence of key elements such as iron, manganese, selenium, and potassium. Fenugreek fiber is utilized in products like anti-aging creams, oil serums, hair products, and shampoos.

One of the major driver of the fenugreek fiber market is the consumer demand for plant-based products. These plant-based products are environment-friendly, providing transparent supply chain which is favored more than other products which are not plant-based.

Fenugreek Fiber Market: Segmentation On the basis of nature:Organic, Conventional, On the basis of end use:Food and beverage, Jelly and candies, Soups and spreads, Milkshakes, Ice cream and chocolate, Frozen foods, Bakery products, Nutraceuticals, Dietary supplements, Cosmetic and personal care, On the basis of the distribution channel:Wholesalers, Online retailers, Supermarkets, Specialty stores

Fenugreek Fiber Market: Prominent Players Altrafine Gums, Natural Agro Products, Frutarom Health, Nature’s Own, GlucoBliss Pure, Fenu Fiber, GNC Herbal Plus, Nature’s Plus, Wonder laboratories are some of the key players in the global fenugreek fiber market.

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