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Self-Rising Flour market : Key Players, Growth, Analysis, 2018 – 2028

Market Outlook for Self-Rising Flour market: Self-rising flour is the flour with added baking powder (sodium bicarbonate) and salt, and a leavening agent. The leavening agent in the self-rising flour is one or more acid-reacting substances such as sodium acid pyrophosphate, mono-calcium phosphate, and sodium aluminum phosphate. Self-rising flour was commercially introduced in the market in the year 1910. Self-rising flour has been used widely for making biscuits and is mostly preferred by the consumers for household use rather than by bakery professionals. Bakery professionals tend to use all-purpose flour and add the baking ingredients manually.

Self-Rising Flour market: Driven by the increased demand for baked goods The global self-rising flour market is mainly driven by the high demand for packaged baked products. The manufacturers of the bread, pastry, and other baked goods experience continuous demand and need flour for baking in bulk quantity. Bread is a staple food in the western countries and is consumed on the daily basis with never ending demand. With the increase in the population worldwide, the demand for the self-rising flour for the production of bread and baked goods is expected to increase.

Additionally, self-rising flour presents easy and convenient option for those people who are baking enthusiast. The rise in the food portals providing various mouth-watering baking recipes has encouraged many foodies to try and enjoy self-baking. Self-rising flour is opted for by these enthusiast to bake in the hassle-free condition. These factors are mainly driving the retail sector of the global self-rising flour market.

Many manufacturers are introducing innovative and trendy products in the self-rising flour section. For example, gluten-free, organic, all-natural options in the self-rising flour products are available in the market. With the increase in the health consciousness all over the world, mainly in the western countries, gluten-free products are in high demand. Gluten-free self-rising flour is likely to possess high demand and is expected to drive the global self-rising flour market in the western market. All-natural and organically produced goods are current trend in the food and processed food industry. All-natural and organically produced raw material is expected to increase sale of such self-rising flour.

One of the main restraints of the self-rising flour market is the surface moisture content of the self-rising flour. The naturally occurring moisture at the surface is believed to activate the baking powder component and lose or decrease the leavening power of the self-rising flour. The buyer or the consumer of the self-rising flour is mandated to use the flour before it losses the functional property.

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Self-Rising Flour market segmentation: Self-Rising Flour market segmentation on the basis of source:Wheat, Corn,  Self-Rising Flour market segmentation on the basis of nature:, Organic, Conventional
Self-Rising Flour market segmentation on the basis of End-use:Bakery and Confectionery, Noodle and Pasta,  Self-Rising Flour starch market segmentation on the basis of distribution channel: Direct, Indirect, Wholesale, Online Retailer, Supermarket/Hypermarket, Specialty Stores

Global Self-Rising Flour market: Key Players General Mills, The White Lily Foods Company, Reily Foods Company, Martha White Foods Inc., Ardent Mills, ADM Company, King Arthur Flour Company, Inc., Renwood Mills, The Kroger co., Shawnee Milling Company, Marriage’s The Master Millers are some of the key manufacturers of Self-Rising Flour.

Global Self-Rising Flour market: Key Developments Arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea) is being investigated for production of gluten-free self-rising flour with potential as a functional food. This flour is being developed by researchers with the point of view of glucose management for people with diabetes type 1 and type 2. Also, for people with gluten allergy.

Global Self-Rising Flour market: Opportunities Self-rising flour manufacturers have increased opportunity in the Asia Pacific and Middle Eats & Africa region. The countries in these region are developing with increasing GDP, per capita consumption. The global market of the self-rising flour is dominated by the countries from North America and Europe, currently. The market for self-rising flour in the Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa is expected to show highest growth rate.

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