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The Value of Submersible Pump Motor Market Estimated to Soar Higher During 2028

Submersible pump motors find application in a number of end use agricultural and industrial applications, which require the transportation of fluids through centrifugal force, and are anticipated to witness high demand owing to their diversity of applications in the modern world.

Rising Demand for Wastewater Treatment and Clean Drinking Water to Push Submersible Pump Motors Market

With rapidly increasing rate of urbanization, the demand for efficient wastewater treatment facilities is expected to rise greatly, particularly in emerging economies such as China and India, consequently leading to a high demand for submersible pump motors. Strict regulations such as those implemented by the US EPA and India’s GWSSB mandate the reuse and recycling of water further pushing up submersible pump motor demand.

Exploration of new sources of water and growing demand for drinking water in emerging economies of Asia, Middle East and Africa for rural and urban areas to boost the market for submersible pump motors for all kinds of agricultural and domestic applications. It has been estimated that only a little over half of the global population has piped access to water, which is anticipated to provide massive growth opportunities to submersible pump motor players in the near future.

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Submersible Pump Motor Market Players Focus on Technological Innovations to Meet Modern Application Requirements

Major market players such including Xylem, Sulzer Ltd., and Franklin Europa GmbH are putting added emphasis on technological innovation for greater efficiency, upgrades and retrofits to attract business.

  • Franklin Europa has introduced a 3 phase submersible pump motor range, that makes use of highest efficiency in a wide range of load through the use of anti-track, self-repairing stators, that improves longevity, prevents burnout, polyurethane assembly, reverse rotation functionality, which makes it ideal for use of brackish water.
  • Xylem has also introduced a state-of-the-art ultra-low head submersible pump motor range designed for transportation of waste water and other contaminated fluids, which makes the innovative use of fiber-handling hydraulics, insulated components and proprietary sealing technology that improves on durability. The design includes wide-hub, backswept propellers, which help in sustaining high pumping efficiency.
  • Sulzer submersible pump motors make use of anti-corrosion materials for light and medium duty pumps for abrasive residential and commercial applications, insulation for protection from thermal overload, multiple seals of tungsten carbide and silicon carbide along with specialized motor cable design specifically for submersible usage.

Growing Oil, Gas, and Mining Industries to Boost the Submersible Pump Motor Market

Growing presence of oil and gas production in North America reserves such as the Gulf of Mexico are anticipated to see a rise in the demand for submersible pump motors. In addition, the Trump government earlier this year announced plans to open up all of US water to activities of oil and gas exploration and production, which will significantly boost the market in the region. Offshore activities in Canada are also expected to propel growth, through the access of private players in oil sand reserves.

On the other hand, the mining industry in developing countries such as India and China will result in rapid market growth in the Asia Pacific region. India allows complete FDI investments in mining which will greatly boost the need for submersible pump motors for the region.

Segmentation of the Global Submersible Pump Motors Market

Submersible pump motors can be divided broadly on the basis of application, product type, sales channel, and operation. On the terms of application submersible pump motors can be categorized into domestic, industrial, and agricultural. On the terms of product type, submersible pump motors can be segregated into single phase motors and three phase motors. On the terms of sales channel, submersible pump motors can be divided into original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket sales. On the basis of operation, submersible pump motors market can be divided into AC and DC submersible pump motors.

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