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Floor Care Machines Market Expansion Projected to Gain an Uptick During 2017-2025

Burnisher and Sweeper machines to be the most attractive floor care machine types in the near future

The global floor care machine market comprises a number of machine types that make floor cleaning a simpler task. With various advancements in the technology, floor care machines have also revolutionized and are catering to the demands of people worldwide. A floor sweeper is a mechanical machine that captures dust and debris in a single pass, and is used for easy-to-sweep places, quickly and uniformly. A burnisher is able to polish large areas. A floor scrubbing machine scrubs the floor and also dries it. A vacuum cleaner cleans floor and other surfaces. Different machines are used for different applications such as for residential, commercial or industrial uses.

Our new research report on the global floor care machine market projects the future of different types of floor care machines currently available in the global market. According to our analysis, scrubbers are expected to be the machine type with the highest projected market size of over US$ 1,500 Mn by the end of 2027. Scrubbers are in close competition with filter and vacuum cleaners that are expected to reach a market valuation of over US$ 1,000 Mn by the end of 2027. However, burnishers are expected to be the most lucrative type of floor care machines during the forecast period with a projected growth rate of 3.8%. Sweepers are also expected to witness relatively strong growth during the period of assessment.

floor care machine market

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Demand for special machines for cleaning hazardous and confined places to drive revenue growth of the global floor care machine market

There are a lot of accidents reported in the process of cleaning, maintenance and inspection of enclosed spaces. Several new rules and regulations are being introduced in workplaces, reaction vessels, boilers, septic tanks, pits, holding tanks, and silos in industries and are required to follow hygiene guidelines provided by the NFPA 350: Guide for Safe Confined Space Entry. Such rules and regulations encourage the demand for floor cleaners in applications such as heavy blast materials, grain handling, and pit cleaning, to combustible dust collecting in end use industries.

There’s also a remarkable growth in the industrial sector in different parts of the world. In addition, rising cleaning and security concerns in various industry verticals such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, utility, transport, retail, healthcare, etc., are expected to fuel the growth of the global floor care machine market during the forecast period. The need for a better working environment in industries and keeping a manufacturing plant free from pollutants are the major causes for the rise in demand for floor care machines.

High costs associated with cleaning machines and the technological gap among different countries to hinder the growth of the global floor care machine market

Developing economies are still dependent on manual cleaning. Countries like India are flooded with manual cleaning equipment. This is spreading unawareness among people regarding floor care machines. The utilization of floor care machines is based on the degree of customization incorporated in the equipment.

The slow growth of the floor care machine market in several regions across the globe is also due to the high costs associated with floor care machines. This deters the preference of developing industries from using advanced floor cleaning machines. For instance, small and medium industries do not prefer to adopt heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners owing to the high price point.

Additionally, some regions are witnessing stagnant growth as compared to other developing countries. This can be attributed to various political and economic factors. This slow growth results in an obstruction in the adoption of innovative technology in the cleaning equipment industry and also increases the technological gap among regions. This is one of the factors that can restrict revenue growth of the floor care machine market in the coming years.

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