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Sequestering Agents Market to Undertake Strapping Growth During 2018 – 2026

Market Outlook for Sequestering agents Market:

Sequestering agents are chemicals that prevent the spoilage of food products that occurs due to the reaction with the various metals. The metals cause the oxidative breakdown of the food product and forms chelates which further deteriorates the color and taste of food and therefore the food quality is affected. The fats and oils present in the food products might get oxidized due to the reaction with the metals and therefore can reduce the shelf-life of the processed food products. Sequestering agents are important chemicals for the food processing industry as they can stabilize the food product and protect the flavor, texture, color and the nutritive value of the food. Some examples of sequestering agents are ammonium citrate, Calcium Disodium Ethylene diamine tetra acetate (Calcium Disodium EDTA), calcium citrate, etc.

Global Surge in Food Processing segment increases the demand for Sequestering agents

The busy lifestyle and increase in disposable income in regions such as India, China, etc., are the major drivers of the food processing industry. Due to the busy lifestyle, consumers prefer the buy ready-to-eat food products. The main concern for food processing industry is the quality of the food, as the spoilage of a single ingredient can degrade the quality of the entire food product and might also affect the taste, color and the nutritive value of the product. All processed food contain trace metal ions such as copper, zinc, manganese, and iron that react with the compounds present in the food and causes spoilage reactions such as discoloration, Vitamin degradation, and rancidity. Therefore, sequestering agents are useful in the food processing industries as they form a stable complex with the reactive metals and therefore the food ingredients do not react with the metals, and thus, the food spoilage is prevented. The rise in the food processing industry is the major driver for the sequestering agents and therefore the market for sequestering agents is expected to increase.

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Sequestering agents are also used in the pharmaceutical industry. For e.g. Calcium acetate is used to treat hyperphosphatemia while Penicillamine is used for the treatment of active rheumatoid arthritis, cystinuria and Wilson’s disease. There are several sequestering agents that are used for various diseases. Therefore, the use of sequestering agents in the pharmaceutical industry might have a positive impact on its market.

The chelating agents play a similar role and therefore might restrain the sequestering agents market. The awareness about the chelating agents is more as compared to that of the sequestering agents but the educational marketing and advertising campaigns might enable the increase in the market of sequestering agents. The sequestering agents have several active sites for binding with the metals, while the chelating agents have less active sites for the metal binding. Therefore, sequestering agents are more reactive and might provide more advantage over chelating agents. Therefore, the sequestering agents market might increase.

Global Sequestering agents Market: The key market players are New Alliance Dye Chem Pvt. Ltd., Foodchem International Corporation, S.A. Citrique Belge N.V., Hangzhou Tonghe Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., ICL Food Specialties, Wintersun Chemical, FBC Industries, Inc., Nouryon, etc., among the others.

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